Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time for a Dimestore Novel

There are times when we’re simply in the mood for easy.  Too much going on the week before, lots of stuff to get done and by last night, that was me.  I was tired and it was a challenge to even pick out the next book to read.   

I have so many books that occasionally my house resembles a messy library.  Books are everywhere and in almost every room, including bathrooms; and they seem to speak to me.  Have you ever seen that holiday commercial where the ornaments and party items speak to the customers?  That’s what my books were doing.  Each one saying “Me, me, pick me!”  

Yes, it is true that I have a very active imagination and there are some who’ve commented that I’ve probably lived alone way too long…

But when they all start to scream for attention, it can get a little loud.  In the running there was next month’s book club selection, a few non-fiction choices, some how-to's and one international detective novel that I’ll probably start this weekend.  

What did I actually pick?  Well, that would be what I call my commercial break book.  You know the kind I mean, those fun books which don’t require much brain use; definitely not the books you talk about at book club or even share with those outside of your immediate reading circle.  These are the guilty pleasures we love to delve into.  I crawled into bed with my choice, turned off my brain and relaxed into it with my very comfy cat snuggling close.  Bliss!

We all have our versions of what we read at those times.  Personally I love mysteries; whether it’s the old fashioned who-done-it or the paranormal kind.  Given the size of the mystery and paranormal sections at the book store, apparently I’m not alone.   

I include in this genre books like John Sanford’s Prey series or the various crime novels by either Ed McBain or Elmore Leonard.  More dated, but just as fun, is John MacDonald’s Travis McGee books.  On the paranormal side, there are the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris.  True Blood is based on that series but the books are a little less edgy and a bit more fun.  Carrie Vaughn is another author I like.  She writes about Kitty, a late night Denver DJ who just happens to be a werewolf; trouble just seems to find her where ever she goes. 

Carol O’Connell writes a mystery series about Kathy Mallory,  She's a young, smart and beautiful detective, who is also seriously emotionally scarred and somewhat of a sociopath.  Can one be only somewhat of a sociopath?  The series starts with Mallory’s Oracle and currently continues through nine books, ending with Find Me.  Along the way we learn how Mallory came to be and watch as she grows a soul.  Like other books of this type, she has her helpers; one very bright (and wealthy) Cyrano type, who is in love with her, and a couple of policemen who have watched over her since she was a child on the streets of NY.  Murder, mayhem, mystery, they have it all.  Too bad I’ve already read them all. 

So, what dime store novel did I choose last night?  Well, I went with Kitty Raises Hell by Carrie Vaughn, chosen by my cat Angel.  He liked the title.  Hmm, I wonder if I should be concerned about that since I'll be going out of town soon...


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