Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ella's First Day

Hi, I'm Ella and all my life I have loved books and somehow can't stop myself from recommending ones I love to friends and family.  I read all kinds of club type books, how to books, be a better you books, romance novels, paranormal novels, detective/mystery novels, art books, cookbooks, gardening books, even young adult fiction books.   

A friend told me I should have worked in a book store.  I always thought a little store with books, tea and my old cat Angel would be a really fun thing to do.  However, in this economy, not so much.  Instead, I'll just write about the books I like and make recommendations.  

Personally, I get my books from all sorts of places.  I get a lot from the library but I also buy a few from local bookstores and online.  It mostly depends on how long I want to wait for it at the library.  Sometimes, if I've renewed it multiple times, I finally break down and buy it.    You can buy it through my posts if you'd like or just get it through the library.  Up to you.

This is my first blog so I'm learning as I go.  

To end, I've included a quote from a sweet little romance book I just finished last night,  "Haunting Jasmine"by Angali Banerjee:  "You have to care. Books are more than commodities to sell.  Books hold our culture, out past, other worlds, the antidote for sadness."

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